Kids + store = ???
ShopTeam is the result an interaction design challenge I spent a week exploring for a job interview. The prompt was to find a way to make grocery shopping more enjoyable, efficient, or meaningful, and I think I may have managed to hit all three.
logic is the fun part
ShopTeam is for parents and their kids. The premise is that your kids can help you pick up items from your grocery list with the promise of a reward at the end — often something parents would have gotten anyway, like ice cream or sugary cereal.
all of it's the fun part
The mom in this example is using her iPad to set up her list and define reward expectations with her son, Lucas. I'm never sure about using little hand icons to show taps on wireframes, but I think it works pretty well in these.
color? on wireframes?
I took a slightly sharper visual-design tack on these wires than I normally would, just to show a little bit of my visual background. My type and layouts still needed some wrangling when I pushed them out the door, but on a tight timeline you've got to prioritize.
simpler > all
I took a quick pass at a signup flow on top of the key interaction points in the app. I knew it could be quick and fun to run through how to create something foolproof that worked for kids, while not being too childish to require a different visual style or interaction approach for parents.
As I said, I spent a week on this project, technically 6 days, in my free time while working a full time job. That took a lot of self-imposed time budgeting and multitasking — drawing screens as I figured out user flows, wireframing screens while considering how it fit into my presentation deck, etc. It was a ton of fun.