The Raleigh Beach
Abandoned to Awesome
What's a way to get people thinking about how abandoned spaces could be put to use? Along with Matt Tomasulo, I started pushing the envelope of creative potential for underused spaces within my hometown of Raleigh, NC.
The Master Plan
We started out thinking broad. With the end idea of attracting funding in mind, we planned to design interventions for various underused spaces around Raleigh, creating physical and digital campaigns to build buzz.
Some panoramic photos, a few hours in Photoshop, and a few trips to a sign store later, we were ready to put the plan in motion. Some of our planned pieces were sunken lined shipping containers as pools, using the existing deck as a bar, and a lookout point to survey the Raleigh skyline.
Finally, we were ready to hang. Matt and I wandered the several blocks to the site, hung some signs, and then got busy on Twitter and Facebook. Within hours, we had gained over 250 likes and 280 followers, and the feedback started pouring in.
We got an incredible amount of positive support, and the crazy idea of a beach in Raleigh almost came true in 2013. We found interested sponsors, but sadly, we ran out of Summer and the scale of the operation got a little out of hand. However, the spirit was reincarnated in 2014 with The Wander Box.
One for the road
We had a lot more ideas for different spaces around Raleigh. Here's another mockup we created to spark ideas that never ended up getting used.