Lost City
into the unknown
I created a few covers/spreads of a concept magazine for lovers of urban exploration. All the photos and most of the copy is my personal work.
There's a moment when exploring abandoned places where you transition from public, hope-I-don't-get-spotted space to private, this-is-my-kingdom space. I tried to capture that feeling through the photography and textual framing of the contents spread, the threshold of the magazine.
in the moment
An idea of what featured articles could look like: the story used here is a direct account of myself and a couple of friends exploring an abandoned hotel while shooting photos for this project.
I wish I had designed more spreads for the feature so I could have shown the full story; it was pretty intense.
One of the most interesting parts of what I found in my literature analysis of other urban exploration publications was the embedded mystique of the explorers themselves, brought about through codenames, obscured faces, and oblique senses of style.