nothing dirty, i promise
In a four-person team, I helped create the interaction, branding, and service design for BANG, a fictional B-movie film festival. I made everything from teaser videos (like this one) to web mockups to all kinds of branding and environmental graphics.
creating a monster
Starting this project was a ton of fun. We explored the visual and verbal languages of B-movies and festivals in general, and went crazy tossing out ideas for graphic styles, diagramming aspects of the service, and just making stuff just to see how we felt about the different pieces.
branding bang
We decided on a bold, sharp mark that harkened back to the angled type of B-movie posters. We then discovered how much we loved using it as a tag, and proceeded to put it on everything. We also designed pieces for discrete sectors of the festival themed by genre of B-movie shown there.
the url might be misleading
While designing the homepage, I was interested in taking responsiveness beyond the realm of scale and into the realm of place and time, meaning that the page's elements would react to a user's location and the status of the festival.
ba da bang
As is often the case, it seemed like a concept that would be easy to show in video form, so I put together a quick demo of how the homepage changes over time and how the pieces act onscreen. Yes, this is the same actor as in the Verbose video.
Detail of the pre-festival homepage.
end with a bang
One of our group members happened to be going as a cowboy for Halloween, so we siezed the opportunity to make an advertisement for one of our genre-specific sectors. Have I mentioned that BANG was one of the most fun projects I've ever done? Because it was.