Visual, Interaction, & UX Designer
Hi, I'm Jasper.

I'm a self-motivated, strong-opinioned perpetual motion machine based in Osaka, Japan. I love to create simple & logical interactive systems and to explore the spaces around me, whether physical or digital. I have a degree in Graphic Design and Computer Science from NC State.

I'm currently working remotely with Blue Rocket and Beyond UX, and I've recently worked with Adaptive Path, Phunware, and Walk [Your City].

I researched, designed, and prototyped a concept tablet app for language self-teachers.
The Raleigh Beach
My team threw a social intervention for an abandoned space in Raleigh.
Interaction, branding, and service design for a fictional B-movie film festival.
Wireframes for a parent-child collaborative shopping app.
Lost City
A magazine for urban explorers with original photos and stories.